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Lamps and lanterns of 2019 Beijing product quality supervision and spot check scheme

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-30
Scope of

this scheme is applicable to the city product quality supervision and spot check of lamps and lanterns, spot check products include: stationary ge lamps and lanterns, embedded lamps, portable lamps, etc. 1 the lamps and lanterns, part 1: general requirements and test; 201 'lamps and lanterns of 2 - part 1: special requirements stationary general lamps and lanterns'. 202 'lamps and lanterns of 2 - part 2: particular requirements of embedded lamps and lanterns'. 204 'lamps and lanterns of 2 - part 4: special requirements portable general lamps and lanterns'.

GB/T 17743 'of radio disturbance characteristics of electrical lighting and similar equipment limits and measurement method. 1 the emc limit harmonic current emission limit value ( Equipment input current in each phase 16 a or less) 》; 4 the stationary ge lighting products quality supervision and spot check the implementation of rules; 5 the rules embedded product quality supervision and spot check the implementation of lamps and lanterns; 6 the portable code for general product quality supervision and spot check the implementation of lamps and lanterns;

the express enterprise ego statement open standards and product quality requirements. 2 lamps and lanterns of embedded


3. 3 portable general lamps and lanterns is

4. Sampling

4. 1 production field sampling

4. 1. 1 in general, each type of product is 1 product each enterprise.

4。 1. 2 in the shipping department of the manufacturing enterprise, the product concentrated cases randomly by enterprise inspection or otherwise qualified products.

4。 1. 3 base of sampling, sampling amount to the same specifications, the same group of randomly selected 3 units, 2 sets of samples for testing, samples of the other one as standby.

4。 1. 4 tested unit should according to the actual situation to fill in the supervision and spot check product information confirmation form, will need descriptions or inspection information need to confirm in advance.

4。 1. 5 samples and sampling sheet content handlers to confirm correct after the inspection, the tested units handlers signing in the sampling list and sign and stamp.

4。 1. 6 sealed samples on the spot, sealed samples labeled with a single, sample list should be tested unit handlers signature, the sampling personnel signature, date of sampling unit seal, sampling and sampling list number.

4。 1. 7 in general, the sampling personnel responsible for the sample will be carried or sent to the designated inspection agencies. Need to help us, send samples tested unit, unit shall be tested in the product quality supervision and spot check/review sampling form within the shipping deadline set samples will be send to the designated inspection agency.

4。 2 circulation field sampling

4. 2. 1 in the market sales of the product is extracted product quality inspection certificates or by other forms that qualified products.

4。 2. 2 sampling quantity meet the testing requirements. And the trademark, and the production enterprises, and three specifications/model to extract. 2 sets of samples for testing, samples of the other one for backup.

4。 2. 3 on the spot, place the sample under seal, sealed samples labeled with single; Samples and sample sheet content handlers undergo inspection unit, when confirmed by the client unit handlers, inspection undertaking institution, market supervision and administration of law enforcement personnel sign tripartite in the sampling list and build official seal of testing unit and sampling unit.

4。 2. 4 in general, the sampling personnel responsible for the 'sample' for testing to the inspection institution to carry and extraction of the spare sample sealed in the tested unit. B. unit should be properly kept, shall not, without permission, replace any hidden, processing has selective examination seal 'sample'.

5。 Judging principle

the all conform to the requirements, all items inspection conclusion for qualified, otherwise is unqualified.

as otherwise provided by laws and regulations of decision rules, those provisions shall be followed.

6。 Objection handling

b. unit to object to the test results, should be within 15 days from the date of receiving the inspection results to the Beijing municipal administration of market supervision or its superior market supervision and regulation department to submit the written application for re-inspection, The original) And attached documents (business license and other subject Objection materials at the same time cc to undertake supervision and spot check post-processing work of rc) ; If no objection, as admitted that test results. Objection to accept the department should be dealt with according to law or entrust the related departments to deal with client unit put forward objection, organize the re-inspection or investigation to verify the circumstances, and objection handling decision.

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