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Lead the city of jiangsu province lighting information management work

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-19

at present, jiangsu province has been started in the first urban lighting information management work, this has been covering the entire province 13 cities of city lighting management of data network, by changzhou city lighting management office 'woven'. Next, this 'net' will be covering the whole country.

it is known that with the development of society and economy, our country have made significant achievements in urban lighting work, increase in the number of lighting facilities, energy-saving effect obviously, city lights of new products, new technology, new method is widely used. But, nationwide, these fruitful results by more reliable quantitative data also need to reflect.

in order to timely, complete and accurate data statistics, analysis and research on urban lighting, so as to accurately grasp the urban lighting construction and operation, more effectively to carry out the urban and rural integration development, the urban green lighting lighting evaluation and examination work, the ministry launched in 2016 research projects of construction of urban illume statistical system and data center. Based on a solid foundation for the management of changzhou city lighting and good ability to innovate, city lighting the project is delivered to the service independently, in March 2017 successfully completed.

the subject results with an overall combing and statistical indicators of urban lighting specification, proposed the 'Internet +' urban lighting statistical innovation model, basic formed the 'urban lighting statistical system' the system framework, and synchronization completed the prototype of the 'urban lighting information system' development work.

from jiangsu province was the first to start the work in the informatized management of the urban lighting, plentiful data effectively improved the management decision-making science. The information system of city lighting 5 class 64 indicators, full reflects the city lighting 'is what, what, how about'. These data statistics and analysis of city lighting, not only can intuitively reflect the current state of the construction of green lighting, can also prospects the trend of the development of the urban lighting, scientific decision-making for urban lighting provides the basis of the 'big data'.

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