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Leading the war 'disease'! China lighting network launched online public courses

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-12

sudden outbreak, disrupted the Spring Festival and holiday to return to work, many medical workers and the people's liberation army soldiers fighting in the former, struggling to fight against the virus. The current epidemic situation is still grim, some lighting enterprises face practical problems, such as construction delay, struggling in the first quarter operating and annual operating or affected.

at this juncture, to guide lighting companies to actively, lightens the outbreak of lighting enterprise production and management, help enterprises to spend, China lighting network actively joint PuWei group, dacheng trade, barter platform, such as, to launch 'leading wars' plague 'rescue out' online public courses. The general lighting personnel can scan qr code online learning in class, do never leave home can free learning, development thinking, enhance skills.

has launched the course

at present, China lighting network has launched six times online public class, invited key light design design director QuWei day, PuWei group vice general manager Peng Hao, PuWei, dacheng trade group President guo-hui huang, PuWei group based in the marketing division general manager Cao Yanfen, barter network dean LeiYuYun and eagle marketing division general manager XiaoSiHua PuWei group, respectively is 'vulcan hill hospital lighting design interpretation', '2020 small and medium-sized enterprise marketing growth pattern', 'the outbreak of enterprise strategic breakthrough', 'very period of customer relationship management', 'how to quickly set up the digital platform, for customer value output? ', 'after the outbreak of incremental performance will reach' speech topics such as online course.

the cooperation with China lighting network one - — Root PuWei group over the years, south China, radiation throughout the country, has developed for integrating advantages in resources into corporate advisory training, industry resources integration, industry investment large education investment group.

the other partners in the barter al focus on wisdom, intelligent lighting city iot cloud computing technology research and application. Barter league through independent innovation, create the Chinese building networking platform, widely used in wisdom city platform management, intelligent lighting control, urban landscape lighting, indoor intelligent lighting control, street lamp management, intelligence of city construction, the government public service in the big data management system.

next, China lighting network will continue to actively prepare relevant professional courses more lighting area, invite industry experts, and representatives of enterprise technology, industry analysts and economists to interpret the industry, experience sharing, for the enterprise to find direction, looking for resources, the healthy development of power industry. Relevant experts, enterprises can also live according to the topic in the field of application become a live instructor.

live course content

a project: lighting enterprise present situation and the impact analysis

topic 2: deep uv LED market and technology sharing

project 3: healthy lighting status and technical analysis

project four: from the network ( Mobile) Lighting market and technology parsing

project 5: after the outbreak, lighting engineering design company how to develop?

project 6: small and medium-sized enterprises how to save his life?

7: project how after the outbreak of the Denver nuggets in wisdom city?

8: project of the country's recent credit enterprise policy interpretation

project 9: the safe usage of ultraviolet disinfection lamp

outbreak, everybody is responsible for; Coagulation hearts meet force and overcome difficulties together! China lighting network will not forget the beginner's mind, keep in mind that the mission, explore many different forms, continue to provide services for lighting.

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