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LED lighting plant light vertical farm Italian basil farmers improve production and reduce the cycle of the harvest

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-15

Bio Extra Solum near farm located in Turin, Italy KaLieLi, basil growing here sends out a delicious flavor to meet the visitor. In the vast stretches of green basil, a pink light has attracted the attention of visitors. Basil farmers with Ambra Elettronica, adopts osram opto semiconductors with Mr Oslon SSL LED as the main component of plant AMBRALIGHT lighting system, establish a beginning of a functional vertical breeding farm in Italy. This way of hydroponics not only to improve per square metre yields by two times, harvest rate has doubled, at the same time also can continue to ensure the fine quality of basil.

Bio Extra Solum company was established in 2011 under the government funding. So, the company to apply innovative and cutting-edge ideas to basil planting in the field of agriculture. Based on the concept of basil cultivated soil once get developing, its target is to improve the crop yields in winter time, and in winter due to low temperatures and the sun is bad for basil cultivation. For this purpose, the farmers plan to build a vertical farm 300 m2 of indoor hydroponics. Plant lighting system is to ensure that the indoor plants is not affected by the weather and season of the key factors.

'I test plant lighting, LED lamps and lanterns has reached two years' is responsible for the design and implementation of vertical farming system of Bio Extra Solum architect and owner Vittorio Gariglio explains, 'first of all, I build and test the small-scale prototype, find the spectrum and energy consumption of optimum design of lamps and lanterns. Through the prototype can also determine the right mix of different parameters, to achieve low energy consumption to achieve the best performance and quality at the same time. '

' to find a can help us specific requirements in the application of the planning and implementation for the lighting system of the partner is not easy. In the end, we still with plant lighting experts Ambra Elettronica established cooperation. Practice has proved that the company's AMBRALIGHT system can well meet our requirements. Choose the appropriate plant lighting lamps and lanterns is the foundation of the whole system, because the lighting has important influence on crop growth and quality and energy consumption. '

Ambra Elettronica launched 528 AE32 AMBRALIGHT LED lighting system adopts osram opto semiconductors offer Mr Oslon SSL LED, can provide the ideal for vertical farm 300 m2 hydroponic light conditions, thus grown healthy basil. These leds have superior energy efficiency ( μmol / J) , can the greatest degree to reduce power consumption, integration with basil and other indoor cultivation the best spectrum.

vertical farm basil winter growth cycle only a month, while traditional methods need to be more than two months. As a result, the traditional planting method also increased the costs and risks of crops and growers. With the vertical farm system, Bio Extra Solum while ensure the quality of the basil, every square metre is output by a factor of two, and cycle speed up more than double harvest.

in recent years, osram opto semiconductors with new encapsulation, and efficiency of 20%, further expanded the plant lighting product portfolio. An important new product is 120 ° Mr Oslon, added 80 ° and 150 ° 450 nm ( Deep blue) 、660 nm( Super red) And 730 nm ( Far red) Products. All these products form is applicable to the solution combination of plant lighting, lighting can be adjusted according to the specific needs of a variety of crops, flower customized lighting solutions for all kinds of plants.

AMBRALIGHT belongs to LEDLightforyou part of the network, the network has brought together from all over the world customers and partners LED lighting solutions. The network together a wide range of all kinds of professional knowledge, can provide the best support for any LED lighting project.

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