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LED lighting system is power, the first fully automatic vertical farms will be built in the United States

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-15

a firm based in Cincinnati, 辛辛那提) The indoor farm company 80 Acres Farms announced plans in Ohio ( Ohio) Hamilton ( 汉密尔顿) To build a vertical farm, will become America's first fully automated indoor farm.

it is understood that the vertical farm grows center will have a robot, artificial intelligence, data analysis, cutting-edge technology such as 24-hour monitoring sensor and control system, to optimize all aspects of crop planting.

80 Acres Farms the technology partner is xin fly ( 表示) , the company new vertical planting center will use the LED garden lighting system. Another Dutch company Priva will supply for indoor farm environment control system and process management software.

vertical farms will be built is divided into four stages, after the completion of more than 13935 square meters, 15 square feet) 。 Among them, the first stage forecast completed the end of the year.

80 Acres Farms of co-founder and chief executive, said Mike Zelkind vertical farm from sowing to grow and harvest, full automation, meet high quality and food safety standards. Farm after it began operations, is expected to be for the new clients, Whole Foods Market, Dorothy Lane Markets such as existing customers as well as other retailers and food service distributors to provide sufficient and fresh products.

Zelkind also said that the best culture techniques, 80 Acres Farms will implement the next generation of indoor vertical farm, this project will confirm indoor farm can realize full automation, business can be promotion, higher yield and profit. He thinks the vertical farms will become a prototype, the company also plans to with business clients in other parts of the country set up a similar factory in the same place.

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