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LED lights or installed on a gill can reduce the rate of dolphins, turtles and other creatures mistakenly caught

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-05

a gill ( 刺网) Is a notorious fishing methods, known as the sea walls as death, in addition to fish, dolphins, turtles other sea creatures on trap will be stuck, escape from death. Scientists found that Britain and Peru in gillnets with LED lights can save turtles, dolphins life, can reduce 70% 66% turtles and dolphins catch error rate.

gill net points monolayer and multilayer, multilayer gill net could be by two, three, four or more different mesh, trod almost no living things can live, whether it's a big fish small fish plenary session be corralled into, sharks, dolphins and turtles are barbed wire around the news of the death also heard, the gill net can produce not only accidentally caught and abuse problems, the population has a few Marine life and birds, gill net extinguishing effects are more likely to cause.

the current national and local governments have been disabled a gill fishing, for example, small ryukyu coastal waters has been disable a gill, there are still some areas introduced real-name registration, offshore disable a gill, such as more strict specification, but there are still many places has not yet been set for further control measures, to the university of alderney and Peru animal conservation organization ProDelphinus launched a solution, hope to be able to under cannot change the condition of the existing law, reduce the mortality rate by creatures such as dolphins, turtles.

alderney university research team from the previous steps, a 2018 study points out that the green leds can reduce gillnets mistakenly caught seabirds probability 85%, so the teams will want to try the same method, look for other creatures are valid.

the team from 2015 to 2018 in Peru, in 864 the buoyancy of fishing gear on the rope ( floatlines) Every 10 meters fitted with LED lights, and comparison experiment, finally found it helps reduce green turtles, loggerhead turtle, olive ridley, and long kiss really dolphins, dark stripes of dolphins and rare species spines fin porpoises error rate.

chose green light LED, because the turtle can see the wavelength, the fish can't see, so will not interfere with the fisherman fishing, the turtles saw the light also can detour. According to the team, published in the in Conservation, research, turtle mistakenly caught rate reduce up to 74. Dropped 4% in small whales, 70. 8%.

according to research, actually the world's fish content is accidentally fill to 40%, this is also known as bycatch, 捕获) , but these may not called 'accidentally', after all, the function of the large gillnets with machine guns, and alderney, a professor at the university of Brendan Godley thinks, the experiment proved that the light on the net, can effectively reduce the error catch rate of fishing, now need more durable and cheap lamp.

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