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LED lights, such as public security monitoring 'lever'! 300 new street lamp yangzhou 'duty'

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-15

on October 10, yangzhou, jiangsu province residents at the side of the road you can see, wenchang road lamp installation construction personnel are free destination 's unity of streetlight installed signs, these light pole above the highest segment is LED street light, the following is the public security monitoring, road signs, etc. As the liberation of destination end of the installation of the light pole, nearly 300 'lever' lamp installation ends, all formal mount guard wenchang road.

the past yangzhou wenchang road, installation is yellow umbrella lamp, the lamp posts and public security monitoring, traffic lights, road signs and bus sign light pole respectively set up, such as not only a waste of resources, also let huddled over the road, is not beautiful. The yangzhou wenchang road to upgrade project, is implemented on upgrading on street lights, install the light pole 's' at the same time.

the original street light 'yellow umbrella' served nearly 20 years

the so-called 'stem' light pole, which is in the installation of a streetlight along the intersection, not only to install street lamp, will also be installed according to the circumstance of public security monitoring, traffic lights, road signs and bus sign and other facilities. Yangzhou city lighting management office chief introduction, implementation of the 'pole', is no longer a project vertical poles, save resources, also reduced the visual impairment.

upgrade the yangzhou wenchang road engineering lighting retrofit straight bridge east, west, west to yangzhou about 16 km, a total of 732 lamps need to install a new street light, most of them are pure light pole, has basic installation ended; There are nearly 300 light for one pole, centralized monitoring, street lamps, and other functions. There is no replacement of street lamp road, majority is waiting for the installation and 's' pole.

new lamps such as 'seagull wings'

compared with original installation of street lamps, citizens have what kind of feeling? Interview, many people believe that compared to the way the original yellow umbrella lights, new light is more concise and beautiful, elegant, higher brightness, bring more security drivers and passers-by.

new lamps such as 'seagull wings', concise and easy, light and beautiful; Between lamp holder and lamp post, also equipped with 'lantern', 'lantern' have it model carve on the upper, lower water modelling, be engraved on the 'lantern' install reflective cylinder, will be the warm color with light yellow light to hit the ground.

'wenchang road, light brown, some in the past, to the other side of playing high beam is more dazzling, safety is threatened, basic don't worry now! 'Driver zhao masters, told reporters that' the typhoon this year, before the typhoon comes, afraid of the wind blown protruding umbrella lamp holder, hit; While the new lamp holder for aluminum alloy material, modelling concise, also not protruding, don't have to worry about! '

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