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led street lighting - no longer king of the road

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-03-20
Given the nationwide demand for more energy-efficient and cost-effective street light systems, it is not surprising that we now see new technologies in LED lighting systems appearing on our streets.
They promise to provide lower power consumption and can easily power through solar or wind power generation systems, so the operating costs associated with their use are relatively low.
Considering the shortage of budgets in many cities, this is a very interesting thing for city managers and managers.
However, these systems are only as good as their weakest links, in which case the LED itself makes these systems a second rate.
Almost all of the LED bulb components used in the US today are made in China, and so far, this has been proved by a large number of quality issues with various products.
This technology has been plagued by quality problems, from the low quality failure rate of the Power board to a maximum of only 50,000 hours of suitable light.
Their use of traffic lights has led to a failure in traffic control at intersections in the snow-prone areas of the United States, because of the lack of heat to prevent their fixtures from piling up snow.
The standard work to solve this problem is to install a resistance-based heating circuit to keep the lamps above the freezing temperature in order to melt any snow that may protect the lighting of the lamps from the oncoming driver
Given these most basic questions, it\'s easy to understand why these systems certainly shouldn\'t be used in mission-critical applications.
Short-term energy savings allow for frequent replacement costs and warranty issues, which will eventually be the death of these systems, which will be better used for lighting small outdoor properties in homes or lots.
At least in this case, their failure will not lead to or facilitate any traffic accident that may result in the loss of someone\'s life.
With the new lighting technology, it will definitely exceed the LED and provide a greater energy saving effect while greatly extending the operation and warranty life.
Induction lighting systems are made in the old USA of A and are at the forefront in all aspects, they do not have any serious quality problems LED.
These lighting systems of all applicable models save 60% of the energy compared to traditional lighting systems.
In addition, these same systems have a wide range of application models that can be used for all applications ranging from parking structures and sidewalk lighting to mission-critical street light systems.
Their service life is also well over the LED, and their 100,000-hour running function is also supported by their manufacturing guarantee and 10-year warranty.
These systems can be powered either by solar or wind energy, or as a stand-alone system, or when the grid is powered
Tie using smart grid technology.
When it comes to energy conservation, efficiency and cost can\'t be more important to every city around the world. These systems provide the best solution to the problems that are absolutely necessary for many lighting.
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