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by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-07
PATNA: The Road to the city will soon be illuminated by lights. LEDs (LED)
On Wednesday, the state cabinet, led by CM Nitish Kumar, endorsed the proposal by the urban development and housing sector to reach an agreement with energy efficiency Services Limited (EESL)
For this purpose
EESL is a joint venture with the public sector company of the United power department.
In 2015, Prime Minister Modi launched Prakash Path, which aims to replace existing incandescent lamps with LED bulbs, and since then EESL has provided similar services in Delhi and visaca patnam.
LED lamp consumption is estimated at 45-
Power is reduced by 55% compared to conventional sodium steam lamps.
Suresh Kumar Sharma, Minister of Urban Development and Housing, said the first phase will replace the functional sodium steam lamp with LED lights.
After that, LED lights will be installed on the poles without street lights.
Finally, the Poles will be provided for those places where there is not even a pole, and LED lights will be installed on the pole.
The minister said the LED lights will be installed on an annual basis and under the plan EESL will make full investments and the respective city local agencies will repay the investment within seven years.
Eesl will provide warranty for manufacturing defects within seven years of installing the lights.
EESL will also be responsible for replacing faulty LED lights within 72 hours, otherwise 25 rupees per rod/day, said E.
Sources said the Ministry of Energy will provide a separate power supply circuit for the LED street light network.
In addition, a central control and monitoring system will be established to ensure the smooth operation of the network.
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