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led streetlights could be coming to kelowna

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-06
The city council of Kelowna has initially approved the city\'s switch to LEDs (LED)streetlights.
Yesterday, the City Council reviewed the pilot results of five city streets.
The report recommends that Kelowna save $13 million over the next 15 years by replacing 10,000 existing street lights with LED lights.
Bright Dan Tollefsen, energy project manager in Kelowna city, says LED lights are an affordable solution.
\"We can wait longer before we have to replace these lights and they don\'t go out very quickly.
This will save us time in operation and, most importantly, it will save energy and money for our utility bills, \"he explains.
Tolefsen said it was too early to determine the cost of the conversion, although the project was estimated at $4 million.
He is not sure how long it will take to install the lights.
\"I \'ve heard of an extreme example where 10,000 lights were installed within 56 working days.
\"I also heard that it will take two to three years,\" he said . \".
However, the switch of LED lights has been controversial for potential health problems in some cities.
A resident in Brooklyn, New York, had to use multiple bedroom curtains to reduce the glare of LED street lights so she could sleep. Dr.
Ron Cridland, medical director at Kelowna sleep clinic, said some LED lights are too strong to suppress melatonin
A key hormone in the sleep cycle.
\"This may delay your biological clock and it will become more difficult to sleep,\" he said . \".
Tolovson said that Kelowna will take these issues seriously, acknowledging that a town in California, after receiving a large number of complaints, has to reduce the wattage of new LED lights to less than half of their first attempt
\"The most important thing is to make sure that you don\'t over-design these well-lit streets
He said.
It may take some time for Kelowna residents to see the change: in order to continue, the project still needs to be approved by the budget in 2017.
With the documents from southern dawn to listen to the interview, click on the link marked with LED street light will come to Kelowna?
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