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Lever reduction rate was 70%. Successful landing zhejiang jiaxing multi-functional intelligent tower project!

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-14

according to quality office of jiaxing city, jiaxing has already started the pilot work for the tower 'wisdom'. At the end of September, jiaxing city, zhejiang province, central south road and garden road intersection tower construction of a batch of wisdom.

how intelligent wisdom tower?

as we have learned, multi-functional intelligent tower is a 'lever' ( Street lights, traffic lights, communication base stations and other social functions) And 'more project urban function of wisdom' ( Intelligent lighting, video collection, mobile communications, traffic management, environmental monitoring, weather monitoring, emergency help) In the integration of complex public infrastructure, is the future to build new wisdom as the important carrier of urban comprehensive perception network.

China tower industry development co. , LTD. Jiaxing branch deputy manager of TuHuiFeng said that wisdom tower in addition to including basic traffic signal indication, plus a tilt Angle monitor, current monitoring facilities, such as wisdom and made the reserved for late 5 g base station construction.

from 27 to 8, lever reduction rate of 70%

construction stage in August, the project to a lot of physical work. Before reconstruction, a total of 27 at this junction poles, including traffic lights, monitoring facilities, road designer, signs, etc. By rod, these functions are 'like terms merger' eight post. From 27 to eight root, stem rate reached 70%.

from the intersection of central south road direction, due to its function is more, the new rod body length is longer than the obvious. 'We cut over, according to the practical function of the original features, rod body is big, the original function is small. 'TuHuiFeng is introduced.

opening on the garden road, we can see that the road designer has to hang up, is different from the traditional embrace hoop, but directly to the card inside the expansion tank, improve the overall aesthetic.

physical lever is the first step, the wisdom facilities will also be equipped with

at present, the road on the rod body is given priority to with traffic facilities, later road designer will also be integrated. At the same time, the rod body will also do some reserve function, such as the top flange is for 5 g signal after preparing for the construction of the base station.

physical lever is the first step to wisdom tower, TuHuiFeng is introduced, the related pilot also equipped with a monitoring slope Angle and current monitoring facilities related to wisdom. 'If the tilt rod body, street lamp is not bright, or something to build up, the background will be sounded the alarm, also eliminate the time-consuming manual patrol. '

10 crossing tower will build wisdom

in addition to the central south road and garden road intersection, the pilot work of the rival south road and garden road intersection is also in the works, the new rod body has been erected, also will be cut over soon.

it is understood that in jiaxing to south lake scenic spot around the range of 10 intersection for wisdom tower replacement, in order to improve the current road along the rod body and casing setting messy, appearance is various, affect the urban landscape and the line of sight of driving, etc.

in addition to the existing road reconstruction, jiaxing has introduced the technology center of jiaxing city tower regulation, guide to overall design of tower, street lighting design content is clear and in principle for the new road use wisdom tower, improve urban quality and appearance.

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