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Light pollution enough attention, the British national park innovation ideas to deal with

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-28

the modern society, the light is not reasonable to use, often can cause light pollution. Urban areas is the place that light pollution is most serious, home lighting, neon ads, street lighting, landscape lighting, large-format reflective glass curtain wall, and large stadiums and transportation hub of light lighting, and so on. Light pollution problem has aroused the attention of the society.

, according to UK media reports in the north of England's national park (Northumberland national park 诺森伯兰国家公园) Is offering grants to local residents and enterprises, to improve the lighting and reduce light pollution.

the project funded by Clif energy snack company, is currently the funding they told national park in the first round of grants, as part of the environmental protection is used to provide friendly external lighting the sky.

Northumberland national park is located in the territory of Northumberland, covers an area of more than 1030 square kilometers, about a quarter of the total area of the county, the northwest border with Scotland, south the hadrian's wall for the world. Here in addition to the rich and colorful cultural relics, here also lived a wide variety of wildlife, is human to outdoor travel and one of the best places in nature.

the park by the international dark sky association ( 国际黑暗天空协会) Awarded the title of 'dark sky park'. Certain areas of the park was completely specified for the dark sky, so in these areas are not allowed to use the new artificial outdoor lightings.

it is understood that the enterprise in the park and residents can apply for funds, to help them adapt to or replace any may not be blocked or too bright exterior lighting, because it may lead to light pollution and affect the dark sky.

Northumberland national park tourist development and marketing manager Duncan Wise said: 'we are happy in Northumberland have so the original sky. '

' for residents and enterprises in the park, it is a great opportunity, can help to protect our future is like the darkness of the sky, and installation of lighting equipment for the safety. '

' it is estimated that in the UK each year due to improper installation, improper design and outdoor lighting with low efficiency and waste of money more than 1 billion pounds, but completely shielding environmental solutions are becoming more and more cheap. '

' dark sky park 'title for the region tourism has brought more than 25 million pounds of the dark sky, and the more investment, to support the Northumberland tourism all the year round.

note: international dark sky reserve ( 国际黑暗天空储备) Refers to the dark sky with a gold reserves. The reserve is designed to protect the area from light pollution. There are 14 on the globe dark sky reserve level is lower than the gold. In addition, the selection mechanism and the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization ( UNESCO) Established long-term cooperation relations, hope will be a dark sky reserve listed as world heritage starlight reserve ( 世界遗产星光储备) 。

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