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Light, several problems need to be aware of when installing

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-01

in recent years, with the improvement of material life water product, even the roadside street lamps in all kinds of styles. Especially as people pursuit of a lot of things have not only confined to the actual effect, the beauty also began to have the requirements, not only to have practical, also have certain artistic feeling. The next street lamp installation for manufacturers like to introduce you a very entertaining street lamps - High lamp, the idea which problems are required for installation?

when installing a high lamp, want to consider the problem of lighting, especially want to see the night lighting, installation also want to consider certain spacing, the irradiation Angle, etc. , should not only meet the demand of pedestrian, also want to improve the use of news, avoid the waste of resources, and a space distribution, make the brightness distribution is appropriate, avoid to produce glare, cause safety problem. Because the height of the light, there will be a certain risk, so want to be in top mounted the lightning rod, light, and good control of the lifting system.

that is in high lamp installation engineering need to consider a few questions, for this kind of public facilities, the installation is planned out for pedestrian traffic is a kind of help, but if there are problems, you will also list to bad safety accidents, so must be careful. That is a simple introduction about high lamp, want to know if you have detailed information, you can contact us.

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