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lighting cities with cheap, glaring leds is a dim move

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-03-28
Jeff Hatch\'s rolling
Cheap energy
Keeping street lights in blue glare has little effect on people or wildlife.
Jeff Hirsch said this month that there is a better way for three men to share the Nobel Prize in Physics for inventing Blu-ray.
LEDs (LEDs).
The Nobel Committee announced in its quotation
\"Incandescent lamps lit in the 20 th century;
The 21 st century will be lit by LED lights.
It has already happened.
Not only in our house, but also more and more outside.
LED street lights are installed in cities in many countries, which seems like a good idea due to its energy efficiency.
But then I went back to Newton, Massachusetts on vacation and found that the ugly reality was glaring at me.
The scattered light washed away all the stars in the night sky except two stars, and the dazzling white light cast a dim shadow on my porch.
I was shocked and frustrated.
Why energy?
Efficient lighting makes the world look a little blue
White and bright?
I didn\'t see any signs when I installed the LED bulb indoors.
The manufacturer tried to please the customer\'s eyes by adding fluorescent substances that convert most of the blue light into yellow and red to emit a glow similar to the warm white color of an incandescent lamp.
But outside, the US Department of Energy only costs led
Effective low energy lighting.
Its municipal streets
The Lighting Alliance web page focuses on saving money and walking lighting intensitycandles (
Visible light per unit area)
No color atmosphere.
The more blue the output, the greater the intensity of eye perception, so that\'s what we get.
LEDs can also spread light more evenly than old bulbs, as they can contain many small transmitters pointing in different directions.
But there is a price for these benefits. One is a blue-
Rich colors such as Moonlight or bright daylight are mixed together, and many people will feel unpleasant at night.
Because \"each small LED [
Under the street lamp]is one-
James Benya, lighting designer at Davis, California, said, \"the sixth one is as bright as the sun,\" where LEDs have sparked protests.
The small LEDs at the edge of the light extend outward, spreading the light across the street, creating glare for pedestrians and drivers.
This dazzling light also shines into the house and the garden.
Light intrusion is a key factor behind Davis\'s protests in Cambridge, Massachusetts and British towns.
Many other countries, including Germany and the Netherlands, are studying the effects of LED street lights.
The pilot also warned that LEDs that were testing the runway would create dangerous glare.
Another concern is that led can worsen excess artificial light at night.
The air scattered more blue light than other colors, making the night sky so bright that the stars were washed away.
Blue light can also inhibit the production of melatonin in humans and animals, affecting sleep and behavior.
International darkness-
The Sky Association recommends that the same lighting equipment should be used for outdoor lighting
Blue LEDs in the room.
Led certainly has an advantage. Unlike high-
Pressure sodium lamps, they can be turned on and off or darkened immediately.
In addition, our night vision is more sensitive to blue light than red, so blue LEDs have a lower lighting level than red LEDs.
However, the led lighting used in most cities is brighter than the bulbs they replaced, wasting energy and increasing the negative impact.
The challenge we face is to balance trade.
Trade-offs between energy efficiency and environmental impact before rolling
Outdoor led is getting bigger and bigger.
In my city, the officials offered to adjust the light bulbs near my house to reduce the light on the windows, but if they wait for a better light bulb, it would save time, money and deterioration.
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