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Lightning protection and what is the difference between ordinary street lamp solar street lamps

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-10-12

the lightning protection work is different from ordinary street lamp, solar street lamps mainly because led the response speed is faster than ordinary street lamp, its ability to withstand voltage smaller than ordinary street lamp. From these aspects:

1. Prevent direct lightning: just use the lightning rod as the ShanQi.

2。 Basis: this is important. Rod body used for drainage. According to the geological and soil, grounding resistance of grounding network for 10 ohms. In addition, the circuit of street lamp system should also be grounded in the appropriate position.

3。 Photovoltaic DC circuit: install special lightning protection device. Lightning protection device for main design according to the supply voltage. Because under the lightning storms, led street lamp circuit can produce sudden by electrostatic induction or electromagnetic induction peak voltage or sudden peak current, thus influence and damage to the led street light equipment. Therefore, it is necessary for the led to choose the appropriate special lightning protection device to protect the power lines from the effects of surge overvoltage, thus avoiding the same phenomenon of large area of led street light in the area of lightning damage.

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