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LiQing consolidated revenue in the third quarter before 31. 6. 3 billion yuan

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-05
6. 2 billion yuan, Nt, hereinafter the same) 54%; 58%; 07%.

LiQing said the third quarter for the automotive industry traditional off-season, and affected by a trade war with China mainland consumer market, the influence of the automobile market sales decline, but thanks to its LED lamp module shipment overall steady, quarterly revenue of the company as a whole, contrarian pay JiZeng, years of excellent result. Among them, the LED taillights module product was established for up to 20%.

since last year's fourth quarter LiQing received new orders have been gradually in the second half of this year output goods, LiQing main clients pulled goods in temperature constant strength, drive the company's overall capacity to maintain above a certain level, in order to overall can operating in the industry for the fourth season season to pay out the growth of good performance.

in addition, LiQing 11 announcement said that the company intends to cash capital increase of LiQing automotive technology ( Shanghai) Co. , LTD. , the maximum amount of capital increase of no more than $6000000 ( About 41. 4 million yuan) 。

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