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liter of light\'s solar-powered, diy lamp made from a plastic bottle is transforming lives

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-03-29
Even though the fans of the future will convince you, \"where is my hovercraft? \" isn\'t a shoe-
The motto of 2015.
As it is an international light-year for UNESCO, let the light be a strong competitor.
The opening ceremony in Paris this week celebrated a groundbreaking moment in the history of lighting.
Yes, I understand, IBN, an Arab scientist, for 1,000 years ·
Haytham has published his great book of optics, which has been in 150 since James Clerk Maxwell proposed the theory of light, and has been in optical fiber for 50 years since its development.
All these enlightening anniversaries provide a handy springboard for UNESCO to promote the light
Technology-based throughout the year.
For those of us who live in the siege of artificial light, bathed in floods at home, in the workplace, and in the streets, it seems like an extraordinary thing that is not needed, well, spotlight.
But today, more than half of the world\'s population lives in the dark.
According to the number of UNESCO, more than 1.
At present, 5 billion people around the world are unable to use electric lights, and about one person is not able to use them.
3 billion of them must spend half of their income on paraffin in order to light up their house at night.
Paraffin kills about 1.
Each year, 5 million people suffer from fires or related health problems, such as inflammation and cancer.
Regular inhalation of paraffin smoke is equivalent to smoking four packs of cigarettes a day.
The need for clean, affordable alternatives is obvious, and that\'s why a charity, one liter of lights, promises to create millions of green, non-greenthe-power-
The grid light in 2015 came in a clever design, which, frankly, was rubbish.
One liter of light developed solar energy.
Electric lights that are cheap and relatively easy to assemble are mainly characterized by plastic bottles: a liter of carbonated drinks, usually thrown away when empty.
The original Guangsheng organization was founded in the Philippines in 2011 by the MyShelter Foundation, a charity that provides sustainable building solutions for storms
The community was damaged.
MyShelter\'s founder, Illac Diaz, was shocked during his tenure as telecom manager by living conditions in rural areas of the Philippines, which had suffered severe storms.
He began to consider ways to offer cheap and durable replacement buildings in these storms. damaged areas.
He quit his job and studied alternative architecture and urban planning at MIT.
It was there. he first passed through the original bottle.
Light technology originally developed by Brazilian mechanic Alfredo Moze in 2002.
Diaz came up with the idea of using this technology to light up poverty and the storm --
After seeing videos of similar uses in Haiti, the house was damaged.
In 2006, he returned to his motherland and set up my shelter Foundation.
In 2011, the foundation created a liter of light with solar bottles installed in and around the capital Manila in more than 15,000 homes.
The technology is very simple-a plastic bottle with bleach water is installed on the roof of the building so that sunlight from the outside enters the room through water refraction, providing the equivalent of 50-
Watt traditional bulbs throughout the day.
YouTube video (goo. gl/wwTn0v)
How simple it is to install a bottle lamp, it was quickly spread by the virus, and within a year the organization has gone global.
Four years later, charities set up branches in 53 countries with at least 350,000 daytime lights and about 15,000 evening lights, a new technology that uses solar panels to provide light for the night --time as well. These night-
The time bottle lamp consists of a simple circuit, a battery, four LED lights, some plastic pipes, a small solar panel and the bottle itself.
The Led is encapsulated in the protection bottle and screwed into the solar panel at the top. The three-
The Watt light provides enough brightness to light up a room of 15 square meters.
These circuits are cleverly designed to automatically turn on and off during the day or without the day.
Add 10ft PVC pipes or rods made of bamboo or wood, the unit can be converted into street lights.
More importantly, all components are open.
It can be built from scratch, even to the circuit itself, and its instructions can be found online (goo. gl/QEsfFv).
In fact, this technology is not owned by a large multinational company, which is very important at the bottom of the charity.
It\'s close, according to Diaz.
\"If you teach enough people how to make solar street lights, they can protect their communities with solar street lights,\" he said . \".
\"Three to five watts is needed to illuminate the whole village.
1 Watt multiplied by millions of people who do this may be more powerful than the big ones
Power plants of scale.
\"Guangsheng offers a model in which individual entrepreneurs can learn to make and install these devices and sell them to their communities at a meager profit, thus launching
In San Pedro Laguna, Philippines, a local entrepreneur has installed 11,000 solar bottles to start a grassroots green economy.
The global success of this idea has led to many different projects around the world.
In Pakistan, the street light version of the technology is used to illuminate the camp.
On 2014, a local liter of lights in Vakas Butte installed 100 street lights at the UN Jaro zai camp, one of Pakistan\'s largest refugee camps, to shelter 10,000 families fleeing the conflict in Afghanistan.
\"These camps are joke-a-
\"Blocks,\" said Bart, \"ordinary refugees have no access to light.
\"In the Year of Light, Bart intends to provide the camp with another 450 lights and arrange another 400 lights for a fishing village along the Arabian Sea in Pakistan.
The plan, Butt said, is: \"Make sure every corner of the village is illuminated-the house, the restroom, the community place, the place of worship, the store, everything is true
\"He will also teach locals how to replicate the technology, providing a model for other villages in Pakistan, where about 50,000 of the villages are still off the main grid.
In Egypt, with the support of PepsiCo, street lights will be provided for villages per Liter of Light and Lighting will be provided for 35 schools.
But perhaps the most ambitious projects are under way in Colombia.
Guangsheng Columbia has developed its own technical version to provide more powerful lighting than traditional yellow street lamps for only 300 of the cost.
Camilo Herla, head of the Colombian Guangsheng company, said: \"There is a guarantee of 70,000 hours of life, which is the light of six years.
\"Street lights can also not be charged for three consecutive nights.
They have become accustomed to lighting two roads in the impoverished El Cogito area in northern Bogota and lighting 600 families in Medellin, Colombia\'s second-largest city.
In the bright year of this year, outside some of Colombia\'s power grids, the conflict will increase by 2,000-
Torn areas and Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia
Hererra said: \"The first step in making these communities safer is to illuminate their roads, streets and public spaces, which has an impact on the safety of girls and women living in these areas.
\"For those of us who sit below 100, home lighting may not be like a shining beacon of hope --watt bulb.
But for many, it\'s as far away as Marty McFly\'s hovercraft.
However, it is hoped that, due to the rise of light, 2015 will really be light years for more people.
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