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Lithium battery led street light

by:CHZ     2021-07-12

Nowadays, in people’s daily life, we find that more and more products are intelligent, and modern lighting is the same. It does not require people’s operation. It will automatically switch after a device is installed. This is the current lithium battery led street light. Lithium battery led street lights have a long service life, with 100% DOD charging and discharging up to more than 900 times.
Traditional street lights are slowly being eliminated. More and more people choose new lithium battery led street lights. The most important core part of lithium battery led street lights is the battery. In recent years, the more commonly used solar battery is the solar lithium battery. Compared with solar batteries, this new type of lithium battery is no longer tightly wrapped in plastic packs, but uses an aluminum-magnesium alloy shell. This new type of lithium battery is not completely attached to each cell, but is The battery cells are fixed with a bracket to make the battery heat dissipation faster and safer.
The new lithium battery has another big advantage, that is, you can adjust the running time and brightness of all street lights with one button. If you want solar street lights to be on for a few hours, lithium battery led street lights will be on for a few hours, how bright you want, It can be adjusted. In addition, the lithium battery led street light uses a battery to realize wireless remote intelligent control, reads the data of the battery, and automatically detects the voltage and current, and then balances the voltage and current of each group of batteries to ensure the service life of the battery. Longer.

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