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Lithium battery solar street light has become the new favorite of the industry, why choose lithium battery solar street light?-Solar street light manufacturer

by:CHZ Lighting     2021-07-08
Nowadays, the public's voice for environmental protection is increasing. Our company has launched a more environmentally friendly GP-LI series of solar street lights, the core of which is to replace the original lead-acid battery and gel with a pollution-free and more environmentally friendly high-density lithium battery control system battery. Because of its light weight, more environmentally friendly, installed, widely adaptable, etc., it has been well received by customers once it was launched.
The lithium battery storage and control system is to use lithium batteries (18650 ternary batteries) in a single string to reach the 12V system and the specified capacity. Our company has been producing solar street lights for ten years, and the PACK process for producing lithium batteries has also matured. It is an inevitable trend in the industry to replace the original lead-acid batteries and gel batteries on a large scale in the application of street lights.
The advantages of lithium batteries
1. High utilization rate
The depth of discharge (DOD parameter) of lithium batteries can reach 95~100%, which is much higher than the DOD parameter of gel batteries 60%~70%. In other words, the original 100AH u200bu200bgel battery can be replaced with at least 60AH.
2. Easy to install
Lithium batteries can be installed with hanging rods. Compared with the underground installation of colloidal batteries, tedious digging and wiring procedures are eliminated.
3. Friendly to the environment
Lithium batteries do not contain harmful metal substances such as lead and mercury, and will not pollute the environment. They are designated products for national projects and new rural construction.
4. Long life
The cycle life of lithium batteries can reach more than 300 deep cycles, and the use rate of shallow cycle systems suitable for solar street lights can reach 2000 times, which is more than 2 times longer than the life of colloidal batteries.
5. Convenient maintenance
The lithium battery storage and control system is integrated with the energy storage part and the control part. The data supports one-key debugging. If you want to change the data of the LED street light, you only need to set the remote control to send it to the lithium battery system. The LI series solar street lights produced by our company are fully operated by an automatic control system without manual intervention, which saves the cost of protection in certain procedures. At the same time, it has a beautiful appearance and can be used for city main road lighting, squares, tourist attractions, etc. It also meets the needs of light bulb lighting in parks, village roads, remote areas and other places. It can be used for low population density and convenient transportation fuel economy Underdeveloped, lack of practice, power generation in practice, but areas with abundant solar energy resources to deal with people's home lighting in these areas.

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