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Look from the city lights economic development of ningxia noctilucent remote sensing images

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-13

urban areas of the intensity of light at night can indirectly reflect its economic development level. On September 15, ningxia remote sensing exploration of surveying and mapping institute published the first professional noctilucent remote sensing satellite 'no yoga one' of ningxia noctilucent remote sensing image, seen from space, the south of the obvious.

image display, northern ningxia, glittering with along the Yellow River as the link of the cities, like the stars. From north to south, making city agriculture, pingluo county, riverside district of yinchuan, yongning county, lingwu wuzhong city qingtongxia, litong district, central city in the county, China area, the center node basic is equidistant distribution between cities, form a pattern of 'nine star alignment of space, show relatively balanced development. In the south, distinct between black and white, with natural guyuan city original state as the core of building economic growth pole, xiji and pengyang county as the two wings of valley type characteristic of city is obvious.

'from the light intensity, density, coverage analysis contrast, yinchuan is undoubtedly in the accumulation of wealth, reflect the capital city pattern and strength, has become a city along the yellow with shining pearl. 'Relevant person in charge of surveying and mapping institute of remote sensing in ningxia from the perspective of more professional luminous images were analyzed.

at the same time, binhe district of yinchuan, lingwu, ningdong town is the outline of the line of crisscross, embodies the construction of a new type of urbanization planning role play. Light natural guyuan city to its original state, wuzhong city, traced the development of tongxin county boundaries clearly shows that the city reserve enough development space. 'And shizuishan dawukou district, wuzhong city, the existing present a relatively special shape of the cloud, and with the center of the old city gradually transforms the high exposure to urban-rural integration, this suggests that perhaps as urban and rural copula, dazzling light in these areas will be more. 'The officials said.

according to introducing, this is just a 'no yoga, one of the many skills of noctilucent satellite, it can also take on more complex tasks, such as the building occupancy rate analysis, regular monitoring forest fire monitoring, fire and other human activity. In the future, with the higher resolution luminous satellite development, engineers can provide more reasonable for city lighting infrastructure suggestion, of residents in service at the same time, make the city more beautiful, the science development.

the ningxia hui autonomous region, yinchuan and evalution, luminous remote sensing images of remote sensing ningxia institute of surveying and mapping to provide

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