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maharashtra government looks to the sun to save 500 mw a year

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-05
Government buildings and school-owned roof solar energy projects;
Mandatory building use of solar water heaters, installation of energy-
Saving LED lights in the home and solar energy-
Power supply and water supply scheme.
Roof solar energy projects for government buildings and schools, compulsory building use of solar water heaters, installation of energy. -
LED Lamps Save Home and Solar Energy-
Power supply and water supply scheme.
These are some characteristics of the energy-saving policy put forward by the state.
Chandrashekhar Bavankule, India\'s electricity minister, told DNA that they would soon submit the policy to the national cabinet for discussion.
\"We plan to save at least 500 megawatts of electricity through energy-saving measures,\" he said.
\"Solar energy must be installed in buildings in any urban area-
Electric water geysers are used to obtain completion certificates issued by municipal authorities.
Geysers consume a lot of electricity, so these measures are necessary, \"Bavankule said, adding that the policy will promote. -
Solar panels on the roof of all government buildings, schools and companies-
\"This energy can be used for captive consumption and, if needed, they can get more electricity from the State Grid,\" he said. He added that Shirdi\'s Saibaba Temple had installed a solar steam cooking system to prepare food for the devotees.
Bawankule says private contractors can install LED lights at home and recover funds on a phased basis based on the energy costs saved by these consumers.
Similarly, solar energy-powered air-
Air conditioning can also be installed.
He pointed out that this would help save electricity without increasing the burden on consumers, adding that LED lamps save more electricity than traditional incandescent or energy-saving lamps.
At the same time, the state government has set an ambitious goal, from non-government to non-government. -
Traditional energy in the new renewable energy policy.
This will be a multifaceted increase over the 2,500 MW renewable energy target approved in 2008.
Of the 14,400 MW target, about 7,500 MW is expected to come from the solar sector, while energy and bagasse are expected to come from the solar sector. -based co-
Power generation will be 5,000 MW and 1,000 MW, respectively. Small hydro-
Power projects with capacity not exceeding 5 MW will account for 400 MW.
Another 300 MW is produced from industrial waste and 200 MW biomass.
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