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Main switch of the lamps in the street lamp lighting, arrangement way how to set up

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-01

by the street lamp lighting company introduces for everybody below total street lamp switch and arrangement to be set, supply for reference only.

we all know, street light is outdoor products, will be influenced by different environment, besides some outdoor materials, is to carry on the processing process, selection of street lamp switch, in street lamp design respect is more important, when outdoor lamps and lanterns, in order to prevent its leakage will bring danger and to set the switch of the leakage, this time will use 4 p switch, when no leakage, considering the condition of the main switch can be used 3 p switch.

for street lamp decorate way is seen on the streets of street lamp is laid in two rows, the distance between the lamp is corresponding to the requirements, therefore, street lamp arrangement is to consider in the design, according to the actual condition of road surface, can undertake unilateral laying, laying, on both sides of the staggered laid, each laid on its own is good and the insufficiency.

the arrangement way when unilateral arrangement, will be suitable for use in a narrow road, the required installation of lamps and lanterns is equal to the height of greater than the width of the road, its cost is smaller, less than the brightness of the pavement is side is lower than set the lamp.

it staggered arrangement, lamps and lanterns is the installation height of zero point seven times greater than the width of the road, insufficient is brightness longitudinal uniformity is poor, the induced than unilateral arrangement well.

symmetrical arrangement is for lamps and lanterns installation height is more than half the width of the road.

about the street light switches, decorate a method how to set up, street lighting company is introduced, when you want to continue to know about the content of the street lamp lighting, can with your company.

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