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make your own solar powered led string lights. ($5 bucks max)

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-03-26
It is not difficult to make a basic string of solar LED lights.
This structure does not require electronic knowledge or programming.
What is being done is to upgrade some of the older battery powered mini lights to the led and then use some basic components to charge the battery with a small solar panel.
With 1 IC and 1 inductor, we can automate the string so that it can be turned off and charged during the day and turned on at night.
Let\'s start.
I\'ll tell you what I used, but you can improvise your own part.
1 battery-powered lamp set with battery box. 1 Solar Panel 2. 0v @ 80mA (I used two.
2 v parallel NiMHs.
If you want to use one
Then you need 2 v @> 20 mA1 IC (QX5251F)
220 uF at 1 inductor later (
This is not accurate and you can change it to meet your wishes. )10 LED\'s (
White, blue, green or pink)(
Red and yellow are a bit different, but you can use them if you really want them. )
ToolsA soldering iron.
You don\'t need to make your own rope.
You can buy battery powered LED strings on Ebay for around $2
According to the number of LEDs, $4.
Then you can crack the battery box and you will see it in a few steps.
If you have an old Christmas line mini light, they need battery power.
If you are using an AC power supply, the line is not parallel.
You can cut off the AC strings and rewire them in parallel, or you can get two long lines on the LEDs and weld them.
In any case, here is a close-up of the preparations.
These are the connections we need to make in order to automatically turn the circuit on and off and power the battery charge and the lights.
This is the entire layout.
You can add 15 LEDs for each LED, each qx251f @ 20 mAh.
The maximum current of qx5 251f is 300 mA, so you can play it with different configurations.
I purchased my qx5 251f from the supplier for $20 for 100 pcs.
He only sells 10 computers, but paypal still costs $9 plus $2.
The following is the contact information of the supplier. ic@thanku.
CcIf someone really wants one or two, contact me and we\'ll see if we can fix the issue via paypal or something.
Here\'s the secret.
You can clean up the whole circuit from any solar Solar lamp made in China.
There are about a dozen different components in the US, but I think you can use them as well.
We almost finished several welding points.
So, let\'s put it together. That it.
I tested this setting with two 1000 mAh (
Real capacity)
They ran all night.
If you are using a real 2000 battery, you can obviously use only one.
Remember the maximum output of your solar panel.
If your solar panel can only emit 20 mAh, you can only charge the battery under 8 hours of sunlight (ies)
160 mA, so that\'s what it can put out.
This is only enough to power 8 LEDs for about 1 hour at full power.
The circuit uses only a small part, about 5 mA per LED.
You can\'t use the full capacity of the battery either.
About 35% can be used.
It won\'t take the battery off after 0. 8volts.
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