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manitoba hydro downplays seizure concerns about strobing street lights

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-03
Manitoba Hydro has played down concerns that LED street light failures could trigger epileptic seizures in epileptic patients.
In December, the provincial government company received 57 reports on setting or flashing LED street lights throughout the province.
One of Winnipeg\'s complaints concerns a fast flashing light at the river\'s height, which produces a strobe. -
The same effect was found in Grosvenor Street and Elm Street.
Driver Fatima put the video clip of the lamp on Twitter because she feared it would trigger an epileptic seizure in a friend. -
Sensitive forms of epilepsy.
If you drive to Grovnol tonight, please pay attention to the street and the lights flashing around the corner of the elm tree.
It has a stroboscopic effect and is not good for some neurological diseases.
Please repair @cityof winnipeg->.
winnipega href>pic. twitter.
She said people with epilepsy can take positive measures to avoid using flash lights in social places or clubs, but may not want to encounter bright, flashing lights on city streets.
The Manitoba Epilepsy and Epilepsy Association says this statement is valid.
\"If someone is sensitive to light, does it cause epilepsy?
Yes, \"executive director Sarah Betis said Tuesday after watching the video of Demilo.
\"It\'s a worry, especially when people don\'t know and realize it.
Cold lights: New LED lights don\'t melt snow, so city workers come out to clean up traffic lights too bright?
Winnipeggers feared that Hydro would be converted into LED street lights. Manitoba Hydro is not concerned that using street lights may harm epileptic patients.
Bruce Owen, spokesman for Manitoba Hydropower, said in an interview: \"The medical community believes that the intensity of the disease will not lead to epileptic seizures in patients. \"
He said it was probably the line fault that caused the faulty lights on Grosvenor Avenue.
But when a truck was sent to solve the problem, the lamp itself worked.
A hydropower technician said the cold weather on the weekend caused the failure of the LED lights.
But Owen says there are many reasons why LED lights don\'t work properly.
\"Maybe it\'s wires.
Maybe it\'s the ground.
It could be the device itself, \"Owen said.
Owen said Manitoba Hydropower is converting about 130,000 street lamps into LED lamps, which consume less than half the power of traditional bulbs and have longer life.
Almost half of the lights have been changed, he said.
Increased brightness of these lights has caused complaints about glare and praised the improvement of public safety.
After Montreal chose the cooler LED lights, it pushed back health risk energy. -
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