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Market supervision administration of LED lighting products: selectiving examination fraction defective is only 3. 6%

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-09

according to the market supervision administration website news, recently, the market supervision administration organized the electric buggies 23 national product quality supervision and spot checks. Among them, electric buggies, LED lighting products, eyeglass lenses, and other products found unqualified rate lower than 10%; Unqualified products such as mobile phones, electric blanket, found that the rate of between 10% and 20%. Single cylinder diesel engine, the portable powder fire extinguisher such kind of product is unqualified found rate is higher than 20%.

the spot check, adopt the mode of 'double random spot check. After bidding selection for inspection institutions, landing through the 'double random' informatization system, random spot check enterprise is determined, random inspection undertaking institution is determined, and random matching. Second, the implementation of separation of sampling, sampling by the production enterprise local market regulators to organize and implement, market sampling auxiliary work by agencies responsible for the product inspection technique, inspection task set by the 'double random' technology agency. 3 it is local market supervision department support, scientific planning, overall deployment of the region sampling power, the effective protection of the sampling work carried out smoothly. Four is a sampling of the manufacturing enterprise, the circulation field sampling and field test, the combination of electric buggies 22 kinds of products in the production of enterprises such as sampling, electric blanket products adopt the mode of circulation field sampling, spot inspection ways roll products. Fifth, remote monitor and control the whole process of sampling, to provide evidence of traceability.

according to spot check, according to the results of the random 10 provinces ( City) 57 enterprises 57 batch production of LED lighting products. 1 batches of them CCC unlicensed production, has been transferred to local market regulatory process. 56 batches of product inspection, 2 batches of the product is unqualified, unqualified found at a rate of 3. 6%. Focus on LED lighting products, Embedded LED lamps and lanterns) Protection against electric shock, power supply terminal of electromagnetic disturbance voltage, radiation harassment, harmonic current seven projects such as the inspection, the LED lighting products, Since the ballast LED lights) Interchangeability, accidental contact with live parts of protection, power terminal electromagnetic disturbance voltage, radiation harassment, harmonic current eight projects such as the inspection. The unqualified project unqualified products for the power supply voltage terminal harassment.

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