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Meade, upgrade street decorative LED lights, reduce electricity costs

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-17

it is reported that mead, Pennsylvania in the United States, about 300 light city decoration lamps will be upgraded to the LED street light, this will save the city each year about one. Electricity bill of $10000.

it is reported that last week, the city council accepted the Allegheny community foundation, 阿利根尼山脉社区基金会) A grant to cover the cost of upgrading. Allegheny is a non-profit organization, headquartered in Johnston, charity fund is responsible for the management of nearly 700 area. This funding will provide $17350 to buy LED bulbs and conversion equipment, and the municipal government will provide installation of workforce required for the new lamps.

according to city officials Andy Walker, the new LED lights will be installed in the city of decorative lamps, such as cutting Chester street ( 栗街) And diamond park ( 钻石公园) The street light.

Walker, said the funding is not about 1100 Penelec lamp belongs to the company for the whole city street lamps provide LED bulbs, but Penelec company has also slowly began to upgrade these lamps. According to him, 'we have a complete listing of the conversion, and we have also been asked Penelec companies upgrade the street lamp. This is one of our goals. '

it is understood that the city for the cost of street lamp lighting from 10 in 2014. Surging $20000 in 2017 to 16. 80000 dollars, this year's budget for 160000 dollars.

Walker said the ongoing from traditional street lamps in working for LED street lights can reduce spending, but reduce the amount will not be as high as expected. He told the city council, the city government to pay the electricity bill shall be formulated by the state public utilities commission, and the cost has been increased.

'the current electricity has been a substantial reduction in LED lighting and street lamps,' Walker said, 'of course there will be a fee - But have reduced very much. '

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