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Methods to improve solar panels generate electricity

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-10

as for the promotion of resource recycling, now also can see a lot of solar street light in daily life, most of the solar street lights will install solar panels, solar street light is not to need to rely on manual control, daily electricity power supply is attached solar panel power supply. Can absorb solar energy radiation during the day, the light energy into electrical energy storage in solar panels, but due to the solar power to the temperature and weather have a request. So the bad weather, the solar energy efficiency also decreases. That how to improve the efficiency of solar panels work?

first encountered bad weather during the winter, the solar cell surface if there is rain and snow cover, must be clear in time, because the surface debris covered with affect panels on the absorption of solar radiation, so we can not to carry on the conversion of light energy, solar panels can't normal use. We when installing solar panels at the same time, as far as possible let the panels and surrounding buildings on a sheltered side of the distance. To prevent the shade of surrounding buildings, the impact on the absorption of solar radiation,

when installing solar panels, install as large as possible, choose a big Angle, it can also reduce the accumulation of debris, even in winter, snow, anvil-shaped landing. But will reduce the speed of the accumulation, also can reduce the number of manual cleaning, reduce unnecessary trouble, but installed by expanding in does not affect the solar panels to accept the sun radiation.

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