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MIT early developing new optical imaging system can detect tiny tumor

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-15

face up to the cancer early found early treatment is known to all, but too small tumor is hard to find, when the tumor is too big to find, may have missed the best time for treatment, it is too late. Recently the United States at the Massachusetts institute of technology ( 麻省理工学院、麻省理工学院) The researchers developed a new optical imaging system 'dolphin' ( 海豚) , can detect tiny tumor deep in the body.

nowadays the benefit in medical imaging imaging instrument, the trade-off between depth and resolution, such as magnetic resonance imaging ( 磁共振成像、核磁共振) And computed tomography ( 计算机断层扫描,CT) Can be seen throughout the entire body image, but unable to see the tumor is less than 1 cm; Optical imaging techniques can see small tumor, but can only see about 3 cm depth from surface.

image: MIT

new study, researchers tried to depth and resolution images are the best. Near-infrared light, compared with other optical methods have longer wavelengths can penetrate deeper body parts and get the high resolution, a new method using hyperspectral imaging ( 高光谱成像) A near-infrared imaging of multiple.

the researchers collected signals in vitro, then using the algorithm of team development analysis of the location of the detector signal and depth. The team call this approach 'using hyperspectral imaging and near-infrared diffuse light detection' ( 检测光发光探针在附近——使用高光谱和散射成像 红外、海豚) 。

team used with different nano particle detector to test the DOLPHIN system ( Different nano particles emit different wavelengths of near-infrared light) , then let the mice to swallow detector and track detector in the position of the digestive system. What is unique about this approach to this kind of detector is only 0. 1 mm long, far less than the commonly used optical imaging detector.

in another experiment, injected into the rats and mice detector can detect the depth of about 4 cm, when in animal tissues and human tissue samples test, maximum depth can reach the original 2 times.

in terms of status, this is only a concept, know the DOLPHIN system can make the position of small and dark objects in the human body imaging. The researchers are adjusting detector, enable it to find and mark the tumor, tumor fluoresce.

the team put the priority on ovarian cancer, because often be found to be the end of the difficult to treat. Pancreatic cancer, brain cancer, skin cancer is also the goal of researchers aim, study co-author Neelkanth Bardhan professor said: 'in terms of actual application, this technology allows us to track 0 in noninvasive manner. 1 mm size fluorescently labeled tumor, which is made up of hundreds of cells. As far as we know, yet others can do it using optical technology. '

new research published in the scientific report ( 科学报告) Journals.

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