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Mitsuo aurora to run out of the wave can assign new retail operation too SKR

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-14

brocade carp culture sweeping the country friends, local, industry filed out of the 'koi'. Is standing in unknown tuyere or sealing of new retail battlefield, you will not be forwarding brocade carp, on his way out?

but mitsuo aurora) at the beginning of China's retail industry exposition is a clean, don't need all these, and onlookers, the booth is still all talk about constantly.

why? All by a beam of light, a bundle of understand you need good light.

mitsuo aurora know, in the display of goods shelves should have a high intensity of illumination, can help customers to identify the quality of the goods and color, so that customers can browse shelves at a rapid speed.

mitsuo aurora know, fresh agricultural products with the most lively colours, use a light lamps and lanterns, can restore the items the most gorgeous vivid color, increase purchasing desire.

mitsuo aurora know, clothing store lighting should not only have adornment effect, but also guide the customer's attention to focus on the product. , of course, also want to consider to change garments according to the factors such as, choose high flexibility of guide rail to shoot the light.

we know that a great important role is to create atmosphere of dining-room lamplight, another chandelier for the user to create a unique sense of space and time.

we know that the jewelry store in the factors to consider when the choice of lamps and lanterns of color temperature, intensity of illumination, light color, flicker, temperature, color rendering, the projection Angle, etc.

this is mitsuo aurora exhibition theme - — 'Light, can assign a new retail'. The scene audience show multiple series design of commercial retail lighting products, including rail linear combination lamp, ceiling lamp, lamp, fresh lamp, lamp, jewelry lamp, light box exhibiting ark article lamp, etc. These products are divided into several different scenarios: boutique supermarket, 3 c digital, costume jewelry, fashion food, etc. We hope that by the high quality product and professional lighting design, let the customer enjoy a wonderful shopping experience, companies to get higher values and interests.

mitsuo aurora Guo Jun commercial division general manager believes that now stores for people, goods, field has more relevance and interaction between light need more administrative levels feeling and aesthetic feeling, not bright enough, but the bright light, the darkness of darkness, in raising attention, at the same time, to reduce the interference of different goods have different ways of lighting and light, also can change with shelves, the change of the goods, so that the consumer's feeling will be more rich, people, goods, are fresh.

but good lighting is not the same as to put more lights, consume more power. Choose the high quality product portfolio, reasonable lighting design, professional installation and maintenance, etc. , it can save energy consumption in practical maximum, and coordinate with store environment.

for example: select the product of a higher photosynthetic efficiency, under the premise of the same intensity of illumination, can reduce the number of lamps and lanterns; Choose lamps and lanterns of modular, modular line products, can let the cloth lamp is more flexible and efficiency maximization; Embedded in miniaturization, no frame design can minimize the presence of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns, make smallpox condole supports more concise and beautiful; Through professional lighting designer's experience and professional lighting design software, can accurate arrangement of all kinds of scenes in the space and the node type and amount of lamps and lanterns, let each beam of light play their value, don't cause unnecessary waste and disturbance to the staff, for goods.

With technology speeding up in lighting speed, have created quite a name for itself amidst outdoor lighting project and it happens to have a lot of benefits as well.
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