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, much attention has been paid to the classroom lighting will unveil the LED light source, wenzhou, zhejiang local standards

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-20

it is understood that in recent years, as the students myopia rate continues to climb, at present our country youth eye disease incidence is the first in the world. To this end, the national GB/T 36876 - 2018 primary and middle schools in the ordinary classroom lighting design and installation requirement ', and carry out the classroom lighting lighting conditions selectiving examination, strict control of child and adolescent myopia.

it is understood that this standard on September 17, 2018 by the state administration of market supervision and management, the national standardization management committee approved the release, contains 454 national standards.

in this context, formulate relevant LED the classroom lighting specification standards are imminent.

in July, according to the news in wenzhou, zhejiang province has first 'wenzhou myopia prevention and control of the classroom lighting technical specifications' ( The first draft) For classroom lighting transformation provides more scientific and normative guidance, at the same time intends to set the myopia prevention and control of the classroom LED lighting expert consensus.

recently, zhejiang children myopia comprehensive prevention and control work site advance will take place in wenzhou.

report, wenzhou has been completed in June, the city's 1. 06 million primary and middle school students myopia screening, for the first time in September to complete a second myopia screening work. Next, wenzhou will research on the LED light source local standards.

in fact, in addition to the city of wenzhou in zhejiang, since this year more than the national launch of the classroom lighting lighting spot check work, including sichuan, shandong and shanxi provinces such as part of the city. In addition, some LED lighting and related enterprises also gradually begin to pay close attention to and the layout of the classroom lighting field, such as hong god remit and mitsuo aurora. On the market, the related health lighting or solar spectrum series lighting products also gradually appear.

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