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Multifunctional Tibetan solar lawn insecticidal lamp

by:CHZ     2021-07-11

There are many lawn insecticides on the market. Most of them use mains electricity and cannot realize automatic control. Not only do they fail to reflect energy conservation and environmental protection, but they also have ordinary appearance designs and do not reflect Tibetan characteristics. At present, there are few solar-powered lawn insecticide equipment, which have Tibetan characteristics and can play music. At present, the theory of lawn insecticidal equipment based on mains electricity is mature, and the focus of the project is to convert solar energy into electricity and co-exist to provide energy for the entire system. In order to successfully make this system, our community will use questionnaires to understand the main pests of lawns and surrounding grasslands in Lhasa, Tibet, and ask the professor of the Department of Biology of our school to learn the principle of attracting insects and the principle of pollution-free insecticide. In addition, we will adopt the circuit design concept of low energy consumption into this project, be familiar with the use of photosensitive sensors, have a deep understanding of Tibetan culture, and plan to incorporate Tibetan culture into the appearance of this design. Learn the principles of microcontroller programming, AD/DA conversion principles, etc. The system is powered by solar panels, and transmits signals to 61 single-chip microcomputer through the induction module, and controls the operation of trapping and killing equipment and music player through the single-chip microcomputer.

(1) Investigation on lawn pests near Lhasa. Conduct surveys of major pests in urban green belts and pastures, and collect data by interviewing and investigating urban greening workers and herders and random sampling, and organize them into a system to provide powerful environmental data parameters for the design of the system and promote environmental protection along the way idea.
(2) Investigation of solar energy utilization in Lhasa. Investigate the utilization of solar energy in Lhasa and surrounding residential areas and pastures. The survey was completed in mid-February, and the survey data was compiled into files in late February.
(3) Design and realization of multifunctional Tibetan solar lawn insecticidal lamp. Learn the use of 61 single-chip microcomputer and the simulation and welding of the entire system circuit; the determination of the sample lamp production plan and the statistics and purchase of materials; debugging software programs and physical construction.
(4) Data collection and project presentation of practical application results of multifunctional Tibetan solar lawn insecticidal lamps. Perform functional testing and improvement of the sample lamp; field test work of the sample lamp and data collection of operating conditions; combine this project to promote the concept of environmental protection in Tibet University.
(5) Knowledge presentation on green energy. Based on the survey results of activity two, a publicity activity of 'Protecting the Environment, New Energy I Lead' was carried out on both the old and new campuses of Tibet University, advocating loving homes and protecting the environment; giving lectures on new energy and green environmental protection.

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