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mystery of phoenix ufo lights solved

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-09
Friday evening, October
On the 28th, in a high school football match in arritz Scottsdale, four bright lights were seen and photographed. , near Phoenix.
The odd lights that hundreds of people have seen, shot by at least two, seem to move slowly in the sky, sometimes flashing randomly.
The whole process lasted about a minute and a half.
According to Fox 10 News, a fan of high school filmed a video and uploaded it to YouTube, and within a few days it became one of the headlines of Yahoo News, it triggered the \"national mystery\" and gained more than 50,000 views.
News: Secret FBI documents reveal the Roswell UFO-
Or there are few explanations to explain the mysterious lights from helicopters to camera shots.
The most popular explanation, of course, is the spaceship: do we end up with a good video of how aliens are visiting humans?
Others are not sure, thinking that the bright light is like a light bomb for night skydiving.
For some, this explanation seems more strange than an alien spaceship flying over to watch a high school football match: What would the paratrooper do with a flare in the night sky?
If they \'ve done skydiving before, why don\'t people know it and don\'t know it?
Is it a prank or a prank?
As the story gets promoted more and more, a helicopter pilot on Fox Channel 10, Rick Krabs, continues to air, telling what he knows.
He knows a lot.
Science Channel: Ten Alien tours she took part in an event called \"Halloween Balloon Spooktacular\", an umbrella team called Arizona Skyhawk took a bright magnesium flare from the plane
Crabbs said in the Fox10 News report: \"I\'m in the place where those parachutists came on Friday night and that\'s exactly what happened: there are some parachutists.
They do have fireworks on their ankles.
There are four, and you can see four different lights if you watch the video.
\"Most areas around Horizon High School are open spaces for skydiving.
But why didn\'t you find the light before?
The answer is that although the event (
Held in a place called Salt River Field)
About 15 miles from high school, it\'s hard to tell the distance of unknown objects in the sky ---
This is especially true for the night sky.
Under clear conditions, bright lights can be seen in dozens of miles;
For example, some lighthouses can be seen more than 50 miles away.
Analysis: ufo shot over London-
Or NotRobert Sheaffer, a UFO investigator in a skeptical investigation magazine, the author of the bad UFO blog, told Discovery News, \"when so many people immediately come to the conclusion, they may see foreign tourists. . .
In fact, there are many different possible explanations for the lights in the sky, all of which are more likely than \"aliens.
In this case, just a few minutes of online search found that these lights are not only airborne soldiers carrying light bombs, but also let us know the real identity of airborne soldiers.
\"This is not the first time a UFO light has been reported over Phoenix.
At 1997, the bright torch-
Like the Lights seen in the night sky, the UFO report has exploded.
Soon revealed, high
During the military exercise, the intensity of the flare fell from the sky to a test range at the nearby Luke Air Force Base.
On 2008, a group of mysterious lights were seen;
It is reported that hundreds of Phoenix residents had four bright red lights in the sky around 8: 00 in the evening. m.
These proved to be scams made by road flares associated with helium balloons.
Analysis: The New Zealand government will of course open the UFO file, like the UFO lights seen earlier over Phoenix, there may be some people who reject this latest explanation as inadequate or smellup.
For example, some people think it is wrong for skydivers to explain the time when the Phoenix UFO lights were seen in October. 28.
The Fox 10 News report made it clear that the high school video was filmed around 8: 30. m. --
However, the skydiving was not scheduled until nine in half an hour. m. ! Aha!
Does this prove that the \"official explanation\" is wrong and the lights are still not able to be explained? Hardly.
The journalist may have just said the wrong thing, or the video producer may not have looked at his watch to record the exact time, or the Eagles may even be a little earlier than the jump time on the ad.
The fact that some details don\'t exactly match (
Or some witness statements may be wrong or inaccurate)
This does not mean that the explanation is wrong.
There seems to be nothing for many conspiracy theorists, and a simple explanation is suspected.
In their view, it is absurd to think that the flash in the night sky (
In a military exercise, or attached to a balloon or paratrooper)
Probably the reason for the mysterious UFO.
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