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Nanchang city new wisdom city project smoothly

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-13

a few days ago, reporters in nanchang city of jiangxi province in the new area of new city infrastructure and public facilities project construction site to see: number of bulldozer, bull clam, asphalt paving machine. Beside has laid a good asphalt road, a crane slowly lift an intelligent street lamp, clad in 'frequently on lighting project' several workers rose crane work, work closely with engineering construction is pushing tension and orderly.

frequently on photoelectric construction personnel are lifting operations

it is understood that the new project is located in nanchang city new district Leng district, land area of about 3000 mu, is a collection of ecological livable, energy trade, culture, leisure, and other functions as one of the modern high quality compound livable city. In order to improve the management and service level of the city and new city, a high starting point planning, incorporate wisdom city construction of infrastructure and public facilities.

according to a new city on wisdom city project implementation Fang Qin photoelectric relevant controller introduces, in view of the new city development localization, frequently on the photoelectric customise the iot wisdom city for its overall solution, street lamps with wisdom as its carrier, integrates the wisdom lighting management system, video monitoring system, WiFi coverage system, information publishing system, emergency alarm system, etc. Frequently on the photoelectric in planning all the way to eight-way, songhu road, shigang, college south avenue, le road, west road of thirteen municipal road installation of 766 sets of intelligent street lamp.

intelligent street lamp combines many functions in one

in jiangxi province, the traffic engineering group co. , LTD. , the relevant person in charge of project department, said the current wisdom lights have been installed in accordance with the project schedule the arrival of the two batches, as infrastructure such as road, pipeline network have been completed, construction schedule will be further accelerated. Wait all after completion of installation and debugging, the new city will take wisdom lights as the entrance, with large data, the Internet, the Internet of things, such as intelligent new technologies for security, establish a comprehensive system, scientific and orderly, and efficient operation mechanism of urban management and services, and new city city also will become the nation's largest wisdom city construction projects.

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