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Nanjing added new landmark art gallery '24 hours' light citizens nightlife

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-13
Nanjing youth Olympic axis will add a web celebrity new landmark.

24 hours gallery opened

1 November night, by the hexi? Built his building of nanjing first officially opened gallery '24 hours', 8 'glass box' the mysterious veil, stunning appearance with multiple art lighting device nanjing international youth culture park. In the future, there will be light citizens 'art' nightlife, people not only can come here to take photos clock in, still can enjoy the beauty of art. Late on November 1, the mysterious 'glass box' finally unveiled, official meet with the citizens. Bright lights, chic modelling, many people have come forward to pose for punching.

'artificial rainbow'

idle in the square from the glass house, the new landmark of youth Olympic axis, hiding in the conversion of 'glass box' of what? Phoenix net of jiangsu noticed, square on one side of a 'rainbow' particularly conspicuous. Will find, after close observation of the word 'rainbow', is nearly 3000 ordinary broom.

broom of the rainbow attracting onlookers

a broom, and tend to hide in a corner, neglected. But put together 3000 broom is a gorgeous rainbow. 'Artificial rainbow' designers and feng told phoenix net in jiangsu: 'many people's eyes, art is noble, want to use the best materials, the most expensive things. 'And he prefer the small things in life as a work of art design elements. 'This is actually a kind of attitude, hope people to art, art is not high cold. 'Feng and hope, through so many of the broom everyone can read the image, to attract people, on the power of the group, as long as unity upward, ordinary broom can also have a gorgeous rainbow.

technology fan said 'box' let you listen to nanjing, line

during the 2018 China ( Nanjing) Cultural fusion of science and technology achievements fair and tencent worldwide partner conference held in jianye district, the appearance of eight 'box', there are two special fan 'box' science and technology.

'let the world hear the nanjing'

into forged by Himalayan on nanjing ', the 'let the world find themselves a sound box, in addition to hear the coming from nanjing and songs, also can wear headphones to listen to the audio introduced a dream of red mansions, the author, and revolutionary heroes of nanjing Deng Zhongxia letter to his wife, etc. During the exhibition, people can also take part in 'a minute introduction of nanjing' audio challenge, namely to the scene to record audio for a minute, tell me about yourself in the heart of nanjing. Forged by tencent 'AI box', make the residents into the inside of the box, her 'sweet nothings' said into the mouthpiece. Using tencent intelligent translation techniques of the translation king, all the voice will immediately by the words of the 'translate' into a variety of language, and is instant cast into a 'glass box' virtual chat bubbles on the wall. From a distance, the curtain wall buoyancy showed a huge chat window, with the atmosphere of the projection lamp, the overall effect is both a dream and full of sense of science and technology.

every 'glass box' has a different wonderful

in addition, the works of 'large group' with rotating chain monkey sculpture, reflect the original relationship between people; With personal dreams of all kinds of cake, deserve to go up 'may all your dreams come true' slogan, to express a state of personal ideal and desire to leave; And the artist's studio, various objects such as ship, fox, car, let people search for the creation of the artist.

waste turns bright night view lighting device of

mountain lighting fixtures, water theme

scattered around the square, also dozen chic modelling the lights of the device. Some like the hill standing in the lake, some like a reed uselessly roaming in the lake, boat, etc. , and lotus leaf for smooth add a few minutes here scenery tender feelings.

made of waste art

it is worth mentioning that these art lighting device are all produced by waste, including mineral water bottles, bottle, glass, etc. 'These are common in life materials, such as mineral water bottles, after drinking the water inside and turned into a landscape of art. 'One of the designers, nanjing normal university academy of fine arts graduate SuXingHua, said by waste into works of art, to advocate citizens to strengthen environmental protection consciousness.

in the evening, and by the Russian violinist, conductor, Alexander? PiYang led by Mr Khodorkovsky creation, performance and creative integration of the professional orchestra - — Alexander indoor tribute band live show.

after conducting, 'gallery' 24 hours every 2 months will also renew the content of the exhibition theme, citizens can always come here to open the 'art' nightlife, appreciate different exhibition of artistic aesthetic feeling.

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