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Nearly 40000 light LED street light will brighten the wenzhou city

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-16

recently, wenzhou, upgrade the urban ring roads are in street lamps, the LED light source on the tall will replace the traditional high pressure sodium lamp, become citizens to travel at night lighting light source.

in May 2018, the municipal administration began to set about trying to install the proposed LED light source, through testing, inspection requirements, started in August last year, the city part of the city tube lights have replaced using LED light source.

it is understood that the city street lamps light source transformation is took a fancy to LED light source utilization rate is high, service life is long, light illuminates the good color rendering, more energy conservation and environmental protection and other advantages. The traditional high pressure sodium lamp is illuminated light source, whole space is actually less light irradiation on the way; The LED lights glowing with shiny surface for a single direction, small flux loss, high light utilization. On energy conservation and environmental protection, the traditional metal containing mercury, sodium metal in high voltage source ( After electrify into mercury vapor and sodium vapor) , the subsequent waste treatment for environmental pollution; And LED is a solid light source, do not add any gas, mercury lamps do not contain harmful metals, relatively safe environmental protection, waste pollution to the environment. In addition on the performance of color, high pressure sodium lamp low color rendering index, color rendering is poor, poor to a reducing of the object itself color, go against the judgement on the depth of surrounding environment; The LED light source, high color rendering index, good color rendering, can well restore the actual color of the object, close to natural light color. And one more thing is the service life of the traditional high pressure sodium lamp is 1 to 3 years, and average service life of the LED lights in five years.

at present, the wenzhou city has completed more than 30000 street lamp light source's replacement, is expected in the first half of this year nearly 40000 light LED lights will be installed.

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