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Nearly 60000 people have a vigil, mountain in shandong 'vigil' culture becoming popular

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-03

recently, mountain ni have a roll out ceremoniously 'vigil' mountain 'season summer night culture, by the broad masses of tourists. According to incomplete statistics, only a few days time, there are nearly 60000 people have entered the sacred land, mountain, enjoy the beautiful summer night of cultural tourism.

huacai light impregnation imperial university to become the iconic landscape, mountains have a night, good music square, holy water lake of water curtain light show also gave visitors a different audio-visual experience. Is different from other simple light shows, music shows, this visual feast is cultural theme performance by creative packaging, storytelling and appreciating significantly enhance, makes the tourists have thumb up.

huacai fountain water curtain shows stunning appearance for the first time, gather the domestic first-class executive team the plait, show site visitors amazed, water curtain light hand in photograph reflect with starlight, mountain, beautiful. Tourists in the summer night breeze scented with cool water vapor in the air, feeling the Confucian 'benevolent leshan, wise water music' the wisdom of life.

music and light show the world belongs to the kernel, lighting, multimedia and traditional instrumental music, ancient sings at a suit, lighting and staging the rhythm harmony, the actor exquisite classical vocal music performing arts and the grandeur of the lighting, bring tourists into the illusion of space and time. Is popular, but tourists orderly, is completely the scene atmosphere of infection, meditation connect 'noble, a wise man is static' artistic conception, spiritual shock brought by the culture and art.

because tourists enthusiasm, mountain ni have a night out alone, traffic and achieve blowout, in order to ensure that tourists in a more comfortable space within the vigil experience, to ensure service quality and tourist satisfaction, on July 14, 2019, according to the on-site real-time traffic situation of evening activities in number, the number of each site shows real-time security controls. In addition, the scenic spot of nightscape culture will also be releasing outdoor interactive activities during the summer season, launch beats pill, wood beam, play chess, cuju, ruby, etc. Through the cultural inheritance of class time sports, let more visitors to connect the beauty of traditional art.

it is worth mentioning that, as a large-scale Confucian cultural theme of scenic area, mountain ni have a combination of traditional culture and modern lighting technology is clever, fashion for thousands of years of traditional culture, the tourists were infected by performance. The personage inside course of study says, feedback from the scene rendering and tourists, 'vigil, mountain' brand is a very successful 'vigil' culture pattern, also certainly pull qufu, jining, shandong province, and even the whole 'vigil' economic development.

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