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Nestle, the Swiss headquarters lighting is said to have powerful functions

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-06

want to know the company headquarters in Switzerland lighting is what kind of? According to foreign media reports, in addition to the basic function of lighting, lighting of nestle, the Swiss headquarters can also have been monitoring the temperature, air quality, noise level and high space utilization.

( Image: Lux Review)

these lamps and lanterns is specially equipped with sensors that can use and to measure air quality monitoring of the office, including environmental factors such as temperature. Then, you can use these indicators to improve the work environment and optimize the space utilization.

before installation, the new test for the lamps and lanterns for three months, starting in February this year, covers about 30 working point. Therefore, Zumtobel Group installed 15 customization of independent type lamps and lanterns, each lamps and lanterns designed can be used to illuminate two working point.

independent type lamps and lanterns can make sensor close to the user, can be directly tracking air quality, temperature and environmental noise, etc. In addition, in order to let the lamps and lanterns is does not require a separate cable to transmit information, the lamps and lanterns to contain integrated wireless module.

Zumtobel said, when no one in the office space, there is no need to use air conditioning. Especially in the winter, less people in the office, the air will soon become dry. The space occupancy rate into consideration, mean relative humidity can be in a good level.

based on information provided by the lighting, the space can be optimized and operating costs. Employees can even use specialized applications to find colleagues and find job vacancy near space or meeting room.

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