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New breakthrough! The domestic first self-developed light OLED evaporation line success

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-07

on October 12, industrial technology research institute of jiangsu province, announced in the national key research and development plan 'strategic' advanced electronic materials focus on special project 'efficient preparation of large area of OLED lighting device key technology and production model', in the process of the implementation of the joint of suzhou institute of industrial technology research institute of jiangsu province organic photovoltaic technology fan li photoelectric co. , LTD, suzhou university member of team, after three years of solidarity and collaboration, from design, processing, assembly and debugging, successfully built the first domestic independent design of OLED lighting G2. Five generations production line!

it is understood that the production line can be in 370 mm x 470 mm substrate, preparation of various types of OLED illumination device according to need. Linear evaporation source in the independent design of the production line and automatic control system, which can meet the deposition uniformity was 97%, the production takt time was 120 seconds of technical requirements, estimated annual output capacity of 220000 pieces. As of September 23, 2019, which evaporation line has red, green, blue and white OLED lighting panel manufacturing and light, luminous panel on various projects performance to achieve expected results. Team will do further optimization to the stability of the equipment, make the overall performance is not lower than similar foreign equipment production line. Is expected in the first half of next year, the production line for small batch delivery.

the success of the project, and leave the team's hard work, cannot leave the national Ministry of Science and Technology, industrial technology research institute of jiangsu province, suzhou university, suzhou wujiang district people's government's strong support. The success in the independent design and manufacturing production line manufacturing and light OLED lighting panels, prove that China has the development and manufacture of medium and small size production ability, have the ability to break through the OLED thetime 'technology. This large area for our country to realize the high generation vacuum evaporation equipment localization is an important first step.

organic photovoltaic technology research institute (industrial technology research institute of jiangsu province Hereinafter referred to as the organic photoelectric) LTD. , founded in August 2016, is located in the beautiful scenery of suzhou city, jiangsu province wujiang Fen lake high-tech industrial development zone, covers an area of 200 mu, has more than 1200 professional testing platform, research and development of more than 30000 square meters and office space. What is believed to be research and development as an industry, organic photoelectric technology as a commodity, emphasis on 'OLED lighting, micro silicon OLED displays, OLED evaporation line' to carry out the organic photoelectric key technology application development and integrated innovation, and strive to build a set of vacuum equipment, organic material synthesis, preparation of photoelectric devices and instrumentation development is an organic whole, services, the development of the Yangtze river delta regional integration synergy innovation organic photovoltaic industry cluster.

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