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New countryside is going to build solar street lights, do you know?

by:CHZ Lighting     2021-07-08

The construction of China's new countryside is to improve farmers' food, clothing, shelter, and transportation. The most important thing is the new countryside solar street lights. Farmers have limited economic income. If they use city electric lights, they will pay an electricity bill every year, which is very uneconomical. However, the new rural solar street lights use light energy to convert electricity without any electricity bills, which is economical. Secondly, the municipal electric lights occupy farmland, and they need to excavate channels during installation, occupying a lot of land, while the new rural solar street lights only need a place the size of a battery, without additional floor space, saving manpower and material resources. The lighting effect of the new rural solar street lamp is very bright.
In the early days when traditional street lights were used to cover rural areas, large-scale power grid line construction was needed to ensure 'village access to electricityA series of problems such as too long power supply lines, large power supply radius, and low power supply voltage make it difficult to advance the power supply project. The new rural solar street lights cleverly avoid this problem, because the new rural solar street lights do not need to generate electricity and rely entirely on natural light sources.
Rural areas are vast, sparsely populated, and consume relatively little electricity. New rural solar street lights are a good choice. It can also be said that new rural solar street lights provide farmers in remote areas with a more autonomous choice , Rural areas have a wide area, and the new rural solar street lights can be installed anytime and anywhere, and the installation is very simple, and the new rural solar street lights can be used in a few days or months.

New Countryside Solar Street Light

The installation time of solar street lights in New Rural Areas is short and easy to install. If you are installing traditional street lights, you have to wait for the national grid to lay out the lines and then turn on electricity. Then, for some remote mountainous areas, when can electricity be used? It depends on the local government to make long-term plans and budgets for long-distance transmission lines, and even depends on the country's overall power supply plan. Farmers in those areas may have to wait for several years, ten years, or even decades. Not as fast as the new rural solar street lights.

So the new rural solar street light is the best choice.

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