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New district in lanzhou municipal wisdom lighting remote control system of project completion test section

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-03

the reporter understands from the new city municipal group, new district in lanzhou city intelligent lighting remote control system project smooth implementation of the testing is completed. After the completion of the project, single overall power consumption of the comprehensive energy saving rate up to 40%, save maintenance costs by more than 50%. After the completion of the test section, new district in lanzhou city group will make a further optimization of system, and gradually applied in the new district 29525 sets of street lamp, expects all completed at the end of this year.

it is understood that the future of lanzhou new area can also be based on intelligent street lamp system, expand the 'intelligent control center', using the Internet and big data analysis technology, synchronous follow-up municipal drainage pipe network running status of intelligent control, bridge, tunnel and slope safety monitoring, etc.

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