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New Garden Light Replacement Project in Spain |CHZ-GD30 garden lamp

New Garden Light Replacement Project in Spain |CHZ-GD30 garden lamp


Recently, our Spanish branch completed a new project, replacing the previous HID garden lights with GD34C, and achieved good results. GD34 series garden light is a garden light developed by our company last year. There are three types of A/B/C, as follows:

This time, G30C, 40W-3000K, and CLASS II are used; and black spray is used, and the effect is as follows:




This batch of products is used in CASTELLON, Spain. After installation, the customer is very satisfied with the effect.



After three days of hard work by our Spanish team, the project installation was completed; the entire lighting effect was highly appreciated and praised by customers. We will continue to work hard to dedicate more boutique projects to the Spanish market and add luster to the construction of Spanish towns.

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