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New gardening COB LED equipment Lumious upping the horticultural lighting field

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-29

the california-based Luminus Devices inc. has announced that has launched the new gardening chip on board ( COB) LED equipment, its spectrum is mainly used for marijuana.

new equipment can provide the luminous surface (14 mm and 22 mm LES) With similar products in the best PPF and PPF/W performance. This LED equipment power range is 25 w to 125 w, PPF include 45 mu mol/s to more than 150 mu mol/s, maximum LES to 22 mm.

Luminus YvesBertic global product marketing executive director, said: 'gardening COB is very suitable to replace the current HPS lamp, because they provide high yield and excellent functions PPF, demand for spectrum is mainly used for growing marijuana and other large plants. In addition, COB broad ecosystems make any indoor lamps and lanterns manufacturers can easily for application development of new lighting solution. '

it is important to note that COB, spectral output power consumption, efficiency and life span are usually better than that of the HPS lamp.

Bertic pointed out: 'in addition to the market for marijuana, as the industry's demand for crop production is higher and higher, which subsequently and the gardening COB can we help innovation more efficient directly meet the demand of market of lamps and lanterns. In addition, due to provide specified spectra for specific crops or crop species, I believe that the future market potential is tremendous. '

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