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new york city\'s 250,000 street lights will all be leds by 2017

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-06
New York City is turning 250,000 street lights into energy
The high efficiency LEDs in the upgrade will be completed by 2017.
CBS reported that Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the time frame today, noting that once the transition is completed, the upgraded lights will save city taxpayers about $14 million a year.
Twice the savings.
Folding: led consumes more power than they do-
Pressure Sodium peers, resulting in savings of about $6 million, also have a longer life span of up to 20 years.
Bloomberg said the current street lights lasted an average of only six years.
This project has been done for a long time.
New York City has been testing LED lights for years
They are currently used in the area of the Central Park, as well as the \"necklace\" lights on the cable of the East River Bridge, to name just a few --
In 2009, the city\'s Department of Transport, in collaboration with the Climate Group and the US Department of Energy, conducted several studies on the efficacy of the technology.
As more and more cities begin to adopt LED lights, this new announcement has been released;
Last year, Los Angeles completed its own large-scale LED project, transforming 141,089 street lamps with LED bulbs.
After the completion of the LED project in New York, it is expected to become the largest project in the United States.
About a quarter-
\"In our city, upgrading to more energy-efficient lights is a huge and necessary feat,\" Mayor Bloomberg said in a statement . \".
\"It will save taxpayers millions of dollars, bring us closer to meeting our ambitious sustainable development goals, and help us continue to reduce the days of the city government --to-
Daily costs and improved operations.
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