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Ningxia first LED lighting research and development production project in yinchuan by the open area

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-30

it is known that first LED lighting research and development production project in ningxia yinchuan economic and technological development zone. The project by guizhou wantai hong technology co. , LTD. , investment and construction, with a total investment of 1. 1 billion yuan.

the project is divided into two phases construction, the first phase of the project plans to invest 500 million yuan, the construction for 5 months, are now installed 40 U. S. ASM solid crystal machine, 25 sets of dispensing machine, research and development of 14 sets of testing equipment, is expected to formally put into production on May 31. Can be formed after the completion of the annual output of 5. 5 million ball bubble lamp, tube lamp, panel lights, 8. 9 million, 7. 5 million root, 3 million, 1. Home lighting 50000 sets, 140000 road lighting, and production capacity. Phase ii project plans to invest 600 million yuan, is expected to completed construction on March 31, 2021.

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