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Nowadays, more and more widely used solar street lamps, from the streets of vast rural to urban, it can be seen everywhere. The LED is too

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-10-11
A, heat dissipation work

most solar street lamps using LED light source, because it can reduce energy consumption, it is important that the service life of LED light source is very long, but the service life of it besides the influence of their own conditions, also influenced by external factors. If you want to increase the service life of LED light source, should pay attention to its heat and constant flow, good heat dissipation function is to control the internal temperature of lamps and lanterns, the basis of maintain a constant temperature inside the lamp, can prolong the service life of LED lamp bead.

2, security work

in the battery solar street lamps and panels are extremely expensive, the cost of a application is very extensive, so they naturally become the target of a lot of criminals. In order to maintain the normal use of solar street lamps, must notice to guard against theft. Under the battery will be buried in the bottom of the base of the solar street light, surface concrete again, avoid solar battery exposed on the surface, this approach does not affect normal use of lighting, and can effectively guard against theft.

3, select the appropriate street lamp controller

controller this parts is often ignored in the solar street light, but it is important part of, it's about the whole life and the cost of a solar street light system, so when the choice must pay attention to the quality of the controller.

4, select the appropriate battery

the quality of storage battery directly affects the service life of street lamps, while the quality stability of the general price is somewhat expensive battery, but its service life is longer. Pay more attention to above points, can very good to prolong the life of solar energy.

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