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Office Lighting Solution

Good lighting in the office should provide a simple and bright environment to meet the needs of employees for work, communication, thinking, meetings, etc., and also maintain the unity and comfort of the areas to improve employees' work efficiency. At the same time, it can also spread a good image to visitors through the office space. In addition to the color temperature and color rendering of the light source, the office lighting must also consider the office's average illuminance, comfort, uniformity, and safety. In addition, the cost of the entire lighting system should also be considered. CHZ Lighting provides various office lighting concepts to meet different needs. Each office lighting fixtures includes functionality, economy, and aesthetics.

Public Passage Lighting

The key lighting areas of office lighting are: reception desk, public passage, collective office, single office, reception room, meeting room. Different areas should meet different functions, economy and aesthetics.


As a public area connecting various departments, public passages do not have high lighting requirements, as long as they meet functional lighting requirements. Generally, according to the structure and height of the channel ceiling, hidden lighting fixtures, energy-saving downlights or energy-saving panel lights are used for lighting.

Public Passage Lighting - CHZ office lighting solution

Collective Office Lighting

As the largest area in the current office space, the collective office covers various functional departments of the company, including computer operations, writing, telephone communication, thinking, work exchanges, meetings and other office activities.


In terms of lighting, the design principles of uniformity and comfort should be combined with the above-mentioned office behaviors. Usually, a uniform spacing method of lighting is adopted, and corresponding lighting fixtures are used in combination with the ground functional areas. The grille light panel is used in the workbench area to make the light in the workspace uniform and reduce glare. Energy-saving downlights are used in the passage area of the collective office to supplement light for the passage.


If you are looking for best office lighting for computer work, welcome to conct CHZ Lighting.

Best Office Lighting for Computer Work - Collective Office Lighting Solution - CHZ Lighting

Office Meeting Room Lighting

The meeting room is the place for the company's major decision-making meetings, including functions such as meetings, training, negotiations, video viewing, meeting guests, etc. The lighting should be used for different purposes, combined with intelligent control for simple switching or mode selection, to achieve lighting in different functional scenes requirements.


The purpose of office meeting room lighting is to stimulate the imagination of the participants and encourage them to interact with each other. At the same time, conveying the facial expressions of the participants is also the most important task in the lighting of the conference room. The lighting should avoid inappropriate shadows and contrasts between light and dark.

Office Meeting Room Lighting - CHZ office lighting solution

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