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Officially entered the 21st century, the London eight one hundred - year - old street lamps will be replaced with LED light source

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-27

, according to foreign media reports, in central London has one hundred years of history, eight street lamp to replace in the next few weeks with the LED light source, officially entered the 21st century.

these lamp with a long history in tottenham court road, 托特纳姆法院路) Along the shopping and business district. The area is being upgraded infrastructure, therefore, repair and upgrade, the lamp will be installed on the energy saving of LED module.

street lighting column repair work shall be borne by the Nottingham, civil and electrical engineering company McCann, including demolition of each pillar, installing a new strengthening rod, repair defects, chimney and lamp replacement, repaint the lamppost to restore their former glory.

McCann's regional manager Steve Ellis said: 'the government of the region's infrastructure for a large amount of investment, to make it more attractive to residents, tourists and enterprises.

'we have been held across the country LED lighting installation and maintenance projects, we are very glad to be here to install the latest LED lighting energy saving technology, for decades to light up the area. '

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