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Optimize the environment of middle and primary school classroom lighting in qinghai province

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-11

in qinghai province is located in the high latitudes, the natural lighting time is shorter, the early stage of the sampling inspection found school classroom lighting illumination, dazzle light, color temperature and other indicators is not up to standard, common problems such as insufficient intensity of illumination, stroboscopic, eyesight health caused great influence to the students.

according to the above situation, recently, the 'technical specification for primary and secondary school classroom lighting organization standard setters, hangzhou university of electronic science and technology institute of new electronic devices and applications around, head of the bureau of education, the school principal and other invited experts and gathered in the center of education technology and equipment of qinghai province to participate in the discussion meeting, the project of' healthy eye lighting environment technology standard 'of primary and secondary schools in qinghai province ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'technical specifications') Technical argumentation and revision.

the meeting emphasized the qinghai province to develop the significance of 'technical specifications' and realistic necessity. Experts attending the meeting on 'technical specifications' content structure, the adjustment scope of configuration, main index data, such as the late maintenance management for serious discussion, the 'technical specifications' of color temperature, color rendering index index put forward detailed requirements, such as high reference plane on the professional requirements, fluctuations in depth for the indicators such as, especially in automatic dimming lighting environment, color for the technical indexes such as the major revision. To attend, head of the bureau of education, the school principal use of actual, from the school management modification Suggestions are put forward.

the meeting request earnestly study and absorb the revision opinions put forward by the experts and participants, and will improve in the 'technical specifications'; To be in line with 'relatively advanced technical, accords with the practice of qinghai province' principle, the earnest revision 'technical specifications', to safeguard the masses of teachers and students in qinghai province with eye health.

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