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Our company once again participated in the "4.15" Love Action Day

Our company once again participated in the "4.15" Love Action Day


On the morning of April 15th, our company participated in the "4·15" Love Action Day event organized by the Jiading District Private Enterprise Association. The event was held at No. 737 Guyiyuan Road, Nanxiang Town. At the beginning of the event, there were many convenience maintenance stalls lined up for the residents. Volunteers provided haircuts, knife sharpening, key matching... a total of eight services for the residents. Residents who participated in the event said with joy, "This kind of event really provides us with great convenience. The heart-warming advice and meticulous service bring the warmth of home."

At the scene, representatives of new businesses and new employment wrote down their wishes and released the "big energy" of grassroots governance by doing charity together, further promoting the transformation of new employment groups from "service objects" to "service forces". The young men shuttled among the stalls as event volunteers, demonstrating "new" power and demonstrating "new" achievements through caring services such as maintaining order and helping the elderly.

The free medical services provided by Shanghai Ciyuan Rehabilitation Hospital have been well received by residents. On-site medical staff carefully guide people with limited mobility to undergo examinations, and provide convenient and fast diagnosis and treatment services such as blood pressure measurement, oral examination, and massage. In response to the residents' health problems, the medical staff patiently answered the questions and popularized some common disease prevention and health care knowledge to the residents.

In addition, representatives from functional departments such as the Judicial Office, the Fire Station, and the Nanxiang Town Market Supervision and Management Office set up consultation services on site to answer questions and provide policy assistance to residents on site.

In addition to our company, this event also invited Chuansong Flower House, Intangible Cultural Heritage Nanxiang small Steamed-bun, Shanghai Little-Sheep Company, Yundian Village Agricultural Technology Company and other units. Through the charity sale units, we also brought rich and affordable products For residents to choose from. In particular, our company sells the latest energy-saving light bulbs to the public for charity, attracting many uncles and aunts to come and answer questions about LED lighting and explain the correct usage. Sincerity is exchanged for true love, and our sincere service has made many residents smile and return home with a full load.

The "4·15" Love Action Day is a brand public welfare activity of the Shanghai Private Economic Association to systematically dedicate love and repay the society. This activity has been held for 29 consecutive years since 1995, and continues to guide the party members and the masses to further enhance their sense of social responsibility in order to Practical actions of dedicating love and repaying society demonstrate the good moral style and spiritual outlook of party members, and focus on forging ahead on a new journey.

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