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Our solar street light light pole details how to choose?

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-10

now along with the advance of technology and development, to say the solar street light to us night life has brought great convenience, especially for those remote parts of electrical equipment is not so perfect, also can be in night outdoors to enjoy the same light, but the solar street light is not a small cost, so it needs to be more careful when the choose and buy, how to choose our solar street light light pole? We then and we said some of the details of the above questions.

actually light pole both in quality and in some detail, the problem of how to choose is to have cultured, we need to choose according to their needs and reasonable configuration, in height, the height of the light pole determines the intensity of illumination of the lamp, so the choice must be particularly serious, cannot careless, we also have to consider the traffic on the road, because of the deviation, it can be a cause can't see the road ahead, can't see the consequences of is terrible.

the material aspects of the and we also have a lot of requirements, because the material is also a important standard choose the solar street light light pole, it is related to the service life of street lamps, the anti-corrosion performance of the material itself is the need to must be good, otherwise it would be to use fixed number of year is very short, we also can carry out the performance of the processing from time to time, in order to increase the use fixed number of year.

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